The Real ID Act and My State

european travel requirements for americansBrief explanation of the REAL ID Act:
Since the tragedies of 9/11, Congress passed the Real ID Act with the end goal of making it more difficult to obtain and travel with fake ID’s to ensure safer journeys. While some states initially agreed on this matter, there were others that did not comply because of concerns of privacy. This transition period has many travelers and potential travelers confused on whether or not they are allowed to travel with their state ID as their single form of identification to make a domestic commercial flight. As of now, there are less than half of the US states that are free to travel without a second form of identification. While this is not currently being enforced, many state IDs will soon not qualify for domestic flights as a valid form of ID.

The solution?
Get a passport! Eliminate the confusion prior to flying and don’t be one of the estimated 62% of Americans who do not own a passport. This is the only solid solution that will ease all tensions when traveling because a valid passport is the most trusted personal document seeing as it is a federally recognized form of ID. It’s the only way to ensure your ID will be accepted for domestic flights too.

Good news!
There are 23 states and territories that are not facing these challenges because their state complies with the REAL ID Act. If you obtained a State license or ID from one of the following states you are in the clear.
1.)  Alabama
2.)  Colorado
3.)  Connecticut
4.)  Delaware
5.)  Florida
6.)  Georgia
7.)  Hawaii
8.)  Indiana
9.)  Iowa
10.)  Kansas
11.)  Maryland
12.)  Mississippi
13.)  Nebraska
14.)  Nevada
15.)  Ohio
16.)  South Dakota
17.)  Tennessee
18.)  Utah
19.)  Vermont
20.)  Washington, D.C.
21.)  West Virginia
22.)  Wisconsin
23.)   Wyoming

If your state is not on this list: Be proactive!
This list leaves more than half of the U.S. States without a clue of these ever-changing laws regarding domestic air travel. As of January 22, 2018 it will be effective that air travelers with only a driver’s license or an identification card that is issued by one of the more than half of the US states not complying with this act must present a second form of identification to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) when trying to board a commercial domestic flight. Apply for a passport today.

It’s easier now than ever to get a passport! Apply for your passport today. If you have upcoming travel plans, you may even qualify for our expediting passport service.