Harvey Storms Force Closure to Houston Passport Agency

Houston Passport Agency Closed
The Houston Passport Agency is closed through Monday, September 4 due to inclement weather. Fastport Passport is working around the clock to help U.S. Passport applicants get their passport processed for all upcoming trips. We are working with numerous other passport agencies to help travelers get their passports fast. If you are traveling soon and need a passport, please contact us. The Houston Passport Agency closure will impact processing times for many applicants. Our team of passport specialists will help advise you on your best option for your passport.

You can view the Google Crisis Map of areas currently impacted in real time.

For updates about the emergency response to the storm in Texas, please visit FEMA’s website.

If you have an appointment at this agency between now and Friday and they haven’t contacted you to reschedule, please call 1-877-487-2778.