The Best Italian Beaches- Operation Sea Safe

Italy is known as one of the best places in Europe to vacation to in the summer, and how can it not be with some of the best coasts surrounded by picturesque landscapes? However, with the new law “Operation Sea Safe” this may be a bit tricky for vacationers. Local’s from Sardinia to Tuscany were angered by holiday makers leaving their things on the beach to reserve their spots over night. The new law can have beach goers facing fines up to €200 if caught! In lieu of these events, here are the best beaches in Italy to travel to this summer- as long as you remember to pick up your towel!

The Best Beaches of Italy

1.) Sardinia

Along its nearly 2,000km of coastline on an island in the Mediterranean Sea sits the sandy beaches, coastal caves, and hiking mountains of Sardinia, Italy. This is a must- see area for beach bums all over the world! Besides it’s breathtaking natural beauty Sardinia is known for its landscape that has various areas of “nuraghi”, or ruins from the Bronze-age with the oldest of them all dating back to 1500 B.C.


2.) Viareggio, Tuscany

If you’re looking for the classic ordered rows of beach umbrellas on finely groomed sand then look no further! Viareggio is home to the classic Italian sea side holiday getaway. It is also nick-named the “Florence by the Sea” seeing as it offers true Italian passion and tastes of the good life all over. Guests can also indulge at some of the best local sea food restaurants or enjoy a romantic and elegant evening all within walking distance.


3.) Rimini

This 9 mile Italian beach is set in one of Italy’s premier party spots: Rimini. This city has been attracting rowdy holiday makers since 1843! On the beach traveler’s can find themselves part taking in many summertime activities such as sand volleyball, table tennis, and enjoying some day drinking. The city itself has nearly 500 bars which proves that the people who choose to vacation here are ready for a good time! There are also theme parks for family traveler’s as well.


Passport and Visa Requirements for Italy

You will need a valid passport for travel to Italy. For American travelers to Italy, you will only need a passport. A valid passport should have at least 180 days of validity past your expiration date. You will not need a visa for travel to Italy since it’s part of the Schengen Zone. You can have 90 days of visa-free travel through the Schengen Zone countries. But you will need a valid, undamaged passport. Make sure you apply early as processing times can take 4-6 weeks or longer. We can help secure your passport as fast as 24 hours if needed.

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