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Justine G Passport Renewal

I had booked a vacation to Niagara Falls Canada before realizing that my passport had expired last February. I had between 2 and 3 weeks before the trip, but I paid for 5-8 day renewal service just to be safe. I was able to LiveChat with a rep who told me where in the process it was. Their website had all the links, information and documents you could possibly need, as well as very clear, step by step instructions, which I followed to the letter. When I had a question, I called the customer service line and the operator was very helpful and pleasant and answered my question. To make a long story short, they received my old passport and document packet via FedEx on Monday the 23rd, and it’s now Thursday the 26th and my new passport just arrived via FedEx this morning. I have no complaints.

Noel L. Passport Renewal

This service is a truly a LIFE saver!! I noticed a week before my trip that my passport was about to expire and apparently you need 6 months of validity in order to travel internationally… WHo knew? I really had no idea how passport processing works before this experience. I was going to apply for a routine service at the post office or county clerk but it takes several weeks to get it back by regular mail and you never know when it will arrive and my trip was in 1 week! NO WAY! Then I found out that you can try to go directly to the passport agency BUT it is typically by appointment only and there are no available appointments for 2 weeks! Now I really started to panic… I was not going to be able to go on this trip and I was on the verge of tears when Fastport literally saved the day and my trip!!! They told me because I had confirmed international travel I can apply for an expedited passport service and get my passport in 24 hours!!! I must say, what a huge relief. This service is truly incredible… because on top of everything else I was already dealing with… The Passport Agency denied my application because they said that my signatures did not match. This caused a BIG problem because now I could still miss my trip with them delaying my application. Seriously… Fastport is amazing… they have all of the solutions when you need your passport fast. They were able resubmit my application and ship my new passport back to me via airport to airport SAME DAY service and I made my flight that night!!!!!!! This was truly an experience I will never forget and I am very grateful for Fastport’s great service! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!

Shawn W Child Passport

Our 7 year old daughter’s first passport seemed like it would never run out and then a week before a trip out of the country my wife and I realized that it would expire while we were gone. So we contacted Fastport Passport and they were an invaluable help. We started the process on Monday morning starting without even haven taken the pictures and Friday morning of the same week we had her new US passport by 8 AM. The team at Fastport Passport were very responsive and helpful, we had a direct phone number and each time we called we were answered immediately by a person. Thanks again guys.

Jon H Passport Renewal

I was extremely weary of using and ‘expediter’ to rush a passport application, but found myself in a situation where I had to have my passport renewed in a short time without fail.

Fastport was able to turn my application around in half the time I expected and was responsive when I simply checked in to see if it was moving ahead – in fact it was already done and being overnighted back to me.

I recommend Fastport without reservation if you need to get your passport in a hurry at a reasonable price.

Matthew S New Passport

FastPort Passport made it really easy for me to get my passport within a few days when I was heading out of the country on a business trip. The staff were friendly and helped me with any questions I had in completing the documents. Once they received my passport it was overnighted to me in plenty of time for my trip. There’s no way I would have gotten it in time had I gone through the government. Thanks FastPort Team!

M. Oster Passport Renewal

I was in a jam, forgot that my passport expired, and my wife and young kids went to Mexico without me. A Fastport representative met me over the weekend, had my passoport application in at 7am on Monday and a new passport delivered before 5pm. My Congressman was not able to get it done faster. This company has the best service and responsiveness imaginable!

D. Brett New Passport

The owner personally called me up. He explained everything. I had 4 days to get my passport, and he did it, and was reasonable with the price. He explained each step, and its really good he did, because we almost had many problems. I highly recommend them. I usually never write a review, but he was so good, I had to!

C. Smith Passport Renewal

I found out 3 days before my trip to Jamaica for a week that my passport was expired. However with the help of Fastport Passport I was able to get my passport processed and sent to me in 3 days. The cost was alittle high but it would have been a lot more costly to cancel the trip. My husband and I had a great time and we would like to thank Steven and Lindsey for their patience and fast action. Thanks again.

Christine DeLorenzo Passport Renewal

Just wanted to let you know that I went in to your Coney Island location today to renew my passport, and the woman who waited on me was possibly the most pleasant employee I’ve ever encountered in my ten years in New York City. She was extremely nice and dealt with a high volume of customers diplomatically and politely at all times. I dreaded going to get my new passport because most of the time these types of chores are not fun, but she was just fantastic. Thanks again.

Joe Bove New Passport

Dear Steven, Thank you for helping Vincent, Michael, and Christopher in getting their passports ASAP.

Les Krevsky Passport Renewal

Dear FastPort Passport, I am writing this letter to you as a satisfied customer who recently utilized the services of your Coney Island office for my daughter’s passport renewal. I want to bring to your attention how pleased I was with the services provided by Gerty Lahens and Jessica. Both of them interacted with my family and me in a courteous, efficient manner. What could have been a catastrophic situation was handled by both of them in a way that minimized the stress and allowed us to renew the passport in a timely manner. Too often letters are written to complain about things and I think it is important that these employs be given the recognition they deserve. Sincerely

Bernard Freund Lost Passport

To Whom It May Concern, I would like to send this letter of gratitude to a wonderful employee of yours, LIZ. I came into your office in the middle of May, very upset because I had just discovered that I had let my passport expire. I needed to travel abroad in less then 10 days. Liz took great care of me with the utmost professionalism and quality service. She assured me I would get my passport with plenty of time to spare, and she was right. So once again thank you Liz and thank you FastPort Passport for your wonderful service.

Mike Calabro Child Passport

Great customer service. Totally accommodating to all of my needs. Made it a simple transaction. I thought it would be hard but they walked me right through it

Sabia Hanif Passport Renewal

So my name is Sabia Hanif, and it was just my luck, that i was walking around with an expired passport thinking it was my valid one, which i lost. I tried doing a speedy passport application through this agency in washington that was totally gonna rip me off for everything. So anyways, i went to the post office to get my stuff sealed and sent out, but FORTUNATELY the post office turned me down and told me i had to go to an expediter. I went home crying and googled PASSPORT ACCEPTANCE AGENCIES and came across Fastport Passports. I called them up and told them to set up an appointment for me the next hour because i was gonna go straight there. I got there with everything and told them im getting MARRIED on july 5th which is less than a week away. With just about 16 minutes to get to the post office in the city and get things sealed, the agent, Micheal there took a cab with me, to the post office, and waited for me to get everything sealed and stamped. No one will do what he did for me anywhere. THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME, if it weren’t for them i wouldnt have been able to get married.

Danielle Lost Passport

I just wanted to let you know that Joann was very helpful with getting my documents in order for my expedited passport. She was also very friendly and welcoming as well as informative and efficient. Thank you very much.

Olga Bekker Child Passport

I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the service I received at the Boro Park location. Joanna was very pleasant and courteous. Overall experience was nice and I am definitely coming back there to do my son’s passport.

Teresa W Passport Renewal

I cannot seem to find the words to express just how grateful I am for Mike and his team’s help at Fastport Passport in expediting my passport and visa. I had spoken to several other passport expediting companies and they all said that there was no way I would be able to travel without rescheduling my flight. However, after talking to Mike, he did everything within his power to make it so that I got my documents sorted out in time.

From the minute I contacted him to the minute my passport was safely delivered to me (personally AND on a weekend), I had been more than satisfied with their excellent level of customer service.

John Sullivan New Passport

Thank You so much Fastport i went to the acceptance agency and they did not understand what to do with the hand carry envelope so they called you and even walked the post office through the process, it was so cool you promised me i would get my passport and you guys really came through. I will be recommending your company Fastport Passport to all my co workers for expedited passport services.

John M. Passport Renewal

Thank you, thank you!!!  It is pleasant to see everything go as planned and as represented.  Rather amazing, considering I’m 3,000 miles away on the west coast and with your help I get my passport expedited and renewed in less than a week so I can make my business trip.  And with your help all this being done even with a “three day holiday” during that same week.  Wow, thank you again very much for your help.

Jana G Lost Passport

I had my passport overnighted to you and now have it in my hands, 3 days later – despite paying for 6-10 days service. Your staff and service are absolutely amazing! You have put all my passport fears at ease and I cannot thank you enough. I recommend Fastport Passport to anyone who needs a passport ASAP. Thank you again!

James Eliasberg Passport Renewal

I won’t waste a lot of time gushing superlatives (though these folks might deserve it). This is what matters – they did exactly what they said they would a little earlier than they said they would. I deal with so many flakes, it is refreshing to deal with someone who actually follows through on their word. I would use them or recommend them without reservation.


Amazing customer service! Got us our passport in the 24 hours as promised and kept us up to date every step of the way to help decrease our worry and stress! I DO recommend this company for anyone needing a passport ASAP! Absolutely a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy company! Thanks again for all you did for us!

Nicolette Passport Renewal

I needed a passport and I needed it quick! I don’t think I would have been able to get it in time if it wasn’t for FastPort. The staff was very kind and helpful through the whole process and made my day a lot easier. I highly recommend this business to anyone that needs to travel within two weeks without a passport. Great Job FastPort!

Steven T. New Passport

Absolutely wonderful service. Payed for 8 – 14 day expedite service and received my passport on the fourth day after mailing out to them. Would definitely use their company again, and would recommend it to anyone.

Ignacio P. Second Passport

Great Customer Services in Coney island ave location, super fast with no worries, they called me 72 hours later with my passport ready to go! Well done !!!!! I’ll recommend to anybody that wants to cut time and paperwork with the regular channels 🙂

Michael Z. New Passport

I have a trip to Japan planned by the Company for work business to HQ. I couldn’t afford mess something up until I checked my passport two days before my trip. My heart sank, it expired. What would I have done without these guys. I don’t think you can put a price to something like this when it means a lot to you to have it done. Amazing there is this service for those knuckle heads who let things slip by. I learned a lesson but I found a great service I can fall back on. Amazing work!

Drew B., Esq. New Passport

My family & I were given the opportunity to travel out of the country for spring break this year. Our three (3) girls had grown up since our last trip and we knew their passports had expired. I called FastPort Passport and spoke with the Coney Island branch. The rep was professional, candid and to the point. They gave me a clear path and I followed their advice, resulting in a flawless transaction. I chose the 5-10 day service (we had 12 days notice). The passports were turned around in 5 days and Fedex’d back. The process was quite detailed but everything worked as planned. My advice to anyone who is under the gun is to work with these folks, listen to their advice, be organized when you go to the Post Office (Acceptance agent), and everything will work out. As an attorney and business owner, I have traveled abroad for over 15 years and I wish all my business partners were this efficient and effective. Well done Coney Island team… Thank you and Take Care.

Melissa H Passport Renwal

I was taking a cruise to Alaska and did not realize that I needed a passport since I was not traveling internationally. I realized at the last minute that we were traveling through Canada and a passport was required. I thought I was going to miss my trip because there was no time for me to receive my passport before my travel date. Fastportpassport went above and beyond to make sure that I received my passport in time for my cruise. If they had sent my passport overnight shipping, I would’ve missed my trip, so they suggested that they can do an “airport run” and put my passport on a commercial flight which arrived that same night. I was able to pick my passport up from the airport the night before my departure. The process should’ve been very stressful, but the customer service for Fastport really put me at ease. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a passport quickly.

Cindy H New Passport

Outstanding service. I had barely shipped the Passport application to Fastport when Fed Ex was knocking on my door with the completed Passport Book and ID Card. I ordered & received the book and car id in same package – unlike regular Passport service – you receive them all separately. They have human beings that are there to assist you. I can not recommend them more highly! Thanks FastPort Passport Services.

Michael W Name Change Passport

Fastport got me my passport quick. There was a mistake on it due to the State Department but Fastport got the correction done quickly also. They can only do what they can with time constraints based on guidelines are set by the State Department. (i.e. if you are 14 days till travel date they can get you the passport back in 2-3 business days.) They are after all a courier service, as to answer one of the previous reviews, this is an emergency service and thus their prices are “high” but the results are good. I had done the research and their prices are comparable to other emergency passport courier services. If you really need your passport same day you can always dare to try the State Department Office yourself.

Geanie T. Name Change

Fastport Passport helped me with an extremely difficult case involving two name changes and obtaining first time passports for two infants. When they obtained our passports they found a mistake in the spelling of my first name which was made by the Department of State. They had the situation rectified well in advance of our flight and allayed my fears and forgave my impatience. Fastport has courteous and reliable staff who really know what they are doing. Highest recommendations.

Sheila S. Passport Renwal

Great service and very honest! I went to Lindsey a couple of weeks ago to get my Passport renewed. “Piece of cake” i received my passport more quickly then what i paid for. Besides that, prior to picking up my passport i got a phone call about a hour later, It was Lindsey she asked if i was missing anything, i checked my bag and realized i had lost an envelope with lots of cash in it, that i had just taken out of the bank for my trip and must have dropped when taken out my passport receipt. I told her exactly what i was missing and she personally delivered it to me when she left work. If it wasn’t for her i would of had i miserable trip. You guys are amazing Thank you Fastport Passport.

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