U.S Passport Renewal Instructions

In order to apply for a U.S. passport renewal, your current passport must still be valid or have expired less than 5 years ago. If the expiration date on your passport is more than 5 years ago, you must then apply for a new passport. Unfortunately, a child or damaged passport cannot be renewed.

  1. Purchase a Passport Renewal on FastportPassport.com

    Select the option that best meets your travel needs and proceed to purchase your expedited passport renewal.

  2. Get started with our Online Wizard

    After finalizing your purchase, you will then be redirected to govWorks’s secure platform where you will create an account and complete the passport renewal application using our intuitive wizard.

  3. Gather the Required Documents

    Once you are finished with the online wizard, our govWorks platform will then generate an application containing all the necessary information you need to mail to our processing center. Please, it’s extremely important that you go ahead and print the documents single sided; double sided copies will not be accepted.

    Requirements checklist:
    1. DS-82 Passport Application: This passport application will be automatically generated from our platform and needs to be signed using a black or blue ink pen.
    2. Old Passport: Your old passport must be included with your documents. Worry not, it will be returned to you with your new passport. Your old passport must not be damaged or mutilated.
    3. Passport Photo: Click this link to learn more about it
    4. Proof of Travel: A travel itinerary or business letter showcasing that you are traveling within 2 weeks (or 4 weeks if a travel visa is also needed) is required. However, if you have not made travel plans and don’t have proof of travel, we will happily assist you in obtaining an alternative document. Please bear in mind that, our Standard and Smart services do not require proof of travel.
    5. Government Fee: An additional check or money order payable to “US Department of State” is required for all of our orders. The specific amount can vary from $160 to $237.56 depending on the type of passport application. After placing your order, the platform will then instruct you on the exact check amount and how to write it out.
    6. Letter of Authorization: We will provide you with a Letter of Authorization which allows us to process your passport on your behalf. You will need to sign and date this Letter of Authorization, preferably using blue ink, and include it with your documents. Please bear in mind that, our Standard and Smart services do not require a letter of authorization.
  4. Send us your passport application package using FedEx
    • Before shipping your documents to us, please contact your assigned Account Manager to quickly go over your documents and to get your pre-paid Fedex shipping label ready.
    • Proceed to place your signed DS-82 application and supporting documents in a FedEx envelope.
    • Ship the FedEx envelope to our office using the shipping label provided by FastportPassport.com

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us anytime at (800) 220-1759.

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