England Travel Tip: Visit Camden Market

Now that the UK has voted to leave the European Union, many travel experts expect there to be new policies regarding trade, travel, and commerce. So before any major disruptions take place, you should take advantage of travel to England. One of the benefits of traveling to the UK right now is the stronger value of the US Dollar. So grab your passport, your bags, and your wallet and hit the shopping center of London: Camden Market. Visit Camden Market and see what attracts over 100,000 visitors every weekend!

Why You Need to Visit Camden Market

2 words: Sensory overload. Camden Market is home to the most free spirited people and shops in London and attracts over 10 million visitors each year. Camden Market was the home to Amy Winehouse and with prior knowledge about her style, one will know it reflects in the streets of Camden as one of the trendiest and most alternative areas.

The storefronts that line up the streets are a sight in themselves! Whether it is punk rock, gothic, or hippie themed stores it is nothing short of amusing. Camden is the only place where you can see a 15 foot Converse shoe plastered to the side of a building. The extent of the decorations is one a kind and are a great introduction to the charm of the area.

If you enjoy tasty cuisines, then you’ll be pleased to find the Camden Lock is quite literally a global kitchen with cuisine options varying from Japanese to French, or Caribbean to Vegan. This market of street food even offers creative vegetarian options concluding that there is something for everyone. While walking to the Camden Lock one can find street vendors producing fresh fruit juice and the smell is intoxicating.

Another place visitors must see is at the Cereal Killer Café in the market. This shop is so underrated seeing as here one can choose from over 120 different types of cereal and tons of different kinds of milks to mix together in their own combination. This is just one example of how the shops in the market commit 100% to their style and products which make the market so great to experience.

Visit Camden Market: Stable Markets

The Stable Markets is a repurposed horse stable that is now used for shops. It was also once used to house goods transported along the Camden canal. One of the best aspects of this market is that strolling through its stables makes you feel like you are quite literally in a secret tunnel secluded from the craziness of the streets. Although the funkiness doesn’t stop once you enter this market, it only just begins. With many different types of lights, fabrics, and statues there is something for every visitor to enjoy.

While walking up and down the streets visitors can find inexpensive souvenirs and ‘faux’ brand names. Also bartering is totally a thing here. A pro tip: Don’t buy one pair of sunglasses for 10 pounds, because if you talk with the store workers you can get two pairs for that price!

It is impossible to leave Camden Market without feeling inspired. No matter what generation you grew up in there is something for everyone. We all have alter egos that we may have suppressed and  left behind in high school, but at Camden Market you can embrace it! The area of Camden itself is very large, but all of these spots are right next to one another so there its easy to spend a whole day here!

Passport & Visa Requirements for US Citizens to the UK

Remember that US Citizens do not currently require a visa for tourist travel to the UK. However, ALL international travelers will require a passport. American citizens will need a valid U.S. Passport for international travel to England and the rest of the UK. While the currently trending ‘Brexit’ may create new laws surrounding travel to England and the UK, currently US travelers can visit with only a passport and a plane ticket. So grab your bags and hit the markets and visit Camden Market!