How To Get A Passport For A New Born Baby

In the United States, it’s mandatory that all people, including new born babies, should have passport when travelling abroad. A parent or guardian will be able to apply for the baby’s passport. It’s important that they will be able to furnish copies of legal documents that is going to be required. Applying for a new born baby’s passport is the same as applying for a passport for those under the age of 16. Adults’ passports cost more than a minor’s passport. Personal appearance of the baby is required when you are going to apply for his or her passport.

DS-11 Form

The baby should be present when you are going to apply and fill out the first application form needed, which is the DS-11 form.

  • DS-11 form should be filled out with the baby’s social security number, legal full name, and other information regarding the baby.
  • Avoid signing the application form unless you’re instructed to do so.
  • Be prepared to present supporting documents that are going to be asked during the application.

U.S Citizenship Evidence

Documents that should be submitted as a proof of U.S. citizenship. These should be legal and the birth certificate should possess the date when it was filed at the office of registry, signature and seal of the registrar`s office.

Note: The Birth Certificate and Social Security Number should be processed right after the baby was born so you will avoid having problems in the future.

  • Naturalization certificate
  • American birth abroad consular report
  • City, county, or state who certified the birth certificate
  • Citizenship certification
  • US passport issued previously

Relationship To The Child Evidence

Whether you are a parent or a guardian, it is required that you submit documents that will prove your relationship to the baby. For parents, it is best to submit a birth certificate of the child stating your names as the parent of the baby. A supporting document should be submitted if there is a parent change of name.

If in case that the baby was born abroad, either of these two documents can be submitted. English translated documents should be submitted along with the original copy of these.

  • Report of the child’s birth abroad stating the name of both parents
  • Foreign birth certificate of the child with the parents’ name

Parents Identification Evidence

Parents Identification should be presented upon the application of the baby’s passport and should be carried all the time. You should photocopy all the documents that you are going to present but always carry the original copy with you.

  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Valid government or military ID
  • US Passport without any sign of tampering
  • Driver`s licence which is still valid

If in case you don’t have any of these documents, you can submit all of the following. Take not that it should be all, not just any of these.

  • Employee ID, Social Security Card, Library Card, Credit card

You could also bring an identifying witness. This would be is someone will be able to testify for your identity. He should know you for at least two years, should be a permanent resident or a US Citizen and should be present when you are filing the application. Your identifying witness should fill up DS-71 form and should present a valid ID.

Parental Consent Furnished

Both parents should be present during the application of their baby and they should fill up the DS-11 form. If only one parent would be present during the application process, he or she should present a notarized consent statement which is the DS-3053 form.

If the application is being made by a third party person, he or she should submit a written statement that is notarized stating that they are aware and permit to the application of the passport. An additional document that states sole custody of the child should be submitted if only one parent made the consent form.

If only one parent is applying for his or her baby’s passport, he or she should provide evidence as to why he has sole custody of the baby. The same when the baby is adopted; legal adoption papers should be provided when asked for.

Fees, Photos And Processing

Two copies of the baby`s photo should be provided. The photo should be 2×2 in size and with white background. Then pay the fees necessary. Expedited passport processing will be more expensive but will be faster. The regular fee will take 4 to 6 weeks of processing.