How to Complete the DS-3053 Parental Consent Passport Form

How to Complete the DS-3053 Parental Consent Passport Form

The child passport is one of the more difficult passports to apply for, so please follow the instructions carefully. The child passport is for ALL applicants ages 15 or younger applying for a passport. There are NO renewals for minor (child) passports. Each time it is a new application. The DS-3053 Statement of Consent is a passport form that is used for the child passport if one of the parents or guardians cannot be present at the acceptance agent. The DS-3053 must be notarized as well. Complete the form using black ink and write legibly. If the form is hard to read, the application may be denied. If you need your passport fast, call us today and a professional passport specialist can help make sure you complete the forms correctly. We can expedite your child’s passport as quickly as you need it.

The Child Passport requires that both parents or guardians give consent for the child to get a passport. If one parent or guardian is not available to give consent at the acceptance agency, you will need to use the DS-5525 Special Circumstances Form. If one parent has sole custody, then the DS-3053 Consent Form is not necessary.

Requirements for Passport Form DS-3053 Statement of Consent

You are the non-applying parent or guardian providing written consent for a minor (child) U.S. passport because you are unable to apply in person with your child or

You are the applying parent or guardian and you need the written consent of a non-applying parent or guardian who cannot be present at the acceptance facility for the child (minor) passport.

Form DS-3053: Statement of Consent

1. Complete items 1 and 2.
2. Complete item 3, Statement of Consent, only if you are a non-applying parent or guardian consenting to the issuance of a passport for your minor child. NOTE: Your signature must be witnessed and notarized in item 4.
3. The written consent from the non-applying parent that accompanies an application for a new U.S. passport must not be more than 90 days old. A clear photocopy of the front and back of the non-applying parent’s government-issued photo identification is required with the written consent.
4. Please submit this form with your minor child’s new DS-11passport application to any designated acceptance facility, U.S. Passport Agency, U.S. Embassy, or U.S. Consulate abroad.
WARNING: False statements made knowingly and willfully on passport applications, including affidavits or other supporting documents submitted therewith, may be punishable by fine and/or imprisonment under U.S. law, including the provisions of 18 U.S.C. 1001, 18 U.S.C.

1542, and/or 18 U.S.C. 1621