How to get your passport during a government shutdown

Despite many sectors of the government being impacted by the shutdown, it is still possible to get your U.S. Passport and other related vital documents. The U.S. Passport Offices are often located inside federal buildings, so unfortunately those will be unavailable during the shutdown. The U.S. State Department recommends that you call ahead to check if passport agency near you is open. If you are in immediate need of a new passport, or you need to re-new your passport, or you have another other government related vital documents needed, you can get them through a government-registered expediter, like Fastport Passport. They are available regardless of the government shutdown and can secure your passport or vital documents in 24 hours.

Federal Buildings Closed and Delays

Remember that if you are able to go through a Passport Office that is not located in a Federal Building, it may experience extended delays in processing. The average processing times are anywhere between 4-6 weeks under normal circumstances. The government shutdown will likely cause further delays. Make sure you anticipate these delays. If you need your passport immediately, an expediting service can get your passport for you in as little time as 24 hours, despite the government shutdown.

Go Travel Now!

There are many things to worry about nowadays, but your passport and travel plans shouldn’t be one of them. The government shutdown does not have to impact your travel plans.  This may be the best time to seek some peace and quiet during this government stalemate.  Take advantage of your passport now. Hopefully this government shutdown will resolve itself by the time you come home.