Here are the requirements for a passport photo:

In order to obtain any kind of passport, there are certain regulations and requirements regarding this.  You can obtain these photos at any local CVS, Walgreens, some post offices, and some stationary stores. These picture must be 2 X 2 inches with a white background on quality photo paper. There must be two of these photos. The reasoning behind this is because in case one gets damaged, they have a back up photo. The head shot must be centered. While taking photos, you must wear the type of clothes you wear on a daily basis. Another requirement is that you cannot wear any head covering (unless it is for religious purposes.) If you wear glasses you are permitted to wear them however if there is a glare when the photograph is taken it will not be accepted. Photos cannot be black and white; they must be in color. Please also make sure that both eyes are open in the picture.

Due to advancement in technology Fast Passport has figured out a system so that our customers are able to email scanned photos to our team at We have created this to make it as convenient as possible for our customers. We are able to print them out at our office here in Brooklyn, New York. This is beneficial for two reasons. One reason is a RENEWAL because for this type of passport you will not be required to have a sealed hand carry envelope from your local acceptance agent(government official). One other benefit of this system is if for some reason the Department of State Passport Agency rejects the application for photo purposes, you can scan/email different and acceptable photos to this email address stated above so we can resubmit them. This will not only save you a delayed day of processing, it will also save you a $30-$80 fed-ex fee for overnight shipping.

* If your passport photos do not meet these requirements, there is a chance that your application may be suspended until the Department of State gets new photos that do follow these rules and regulations.