How To Save On A Trip To Brazil

Brazil. The country where bikinis are sold by the truck loads on the beach side. The country where every bit is a beautiful scenery waiting to be explored. If you have seen images online, that is exactly how it looks like, no Photoshop included. This country is the home to “Jesus the Redeemer” statue and the ever famous Carnival.

The question here is how to have a holiday in Brazil while on a budget? Take time to read our list and find out how.

If you have a smartphone, you can go online and research on the off seasons and peak seasons of Brazil. Off seasons mean that these are the months when there are very few tourists who come into the country while peak seasons mean that these are the months when tourists flock the country like ants. According to our research, peak season starts from December to early March. That’s Christmas time up to the Carnival.

Choose flights from the off season because that is the time that flight rates are at their lowest. You should also be aware of airlines’ upcoming promos. This can save you hundreds of dollars in air fare. Also, if you can book months in advance, better book your flight because costs rise as your desired date comes nearer.

Know when you plan to go. Summer time in Brazil starts from December to March and winter starts from June to September. If you plan to go during the peak of summer time you are sure to spend more money than expected, while if you go during maybe in April or May you can still enjoy some warmth on a cheaper budget.

You can travel in groups. It doesn’t only mean the more the merrier but also you get to split the costs of your stay in Brazil. Many travelers go in groups so that they don’t have to shoulder the expenses on their own and they get to enjoy their vacation even more with good company.

You should also search for hotels, B and B’s, transient houses that are on promo. Don’t choose accommodations in the city center, like Ipanema and Leblon, because that is where the tourists often stay. Expect the prices in those places to be sky high. You can choose from nearby neighborhoods, like Flamengo and Gloria where accommodations are way cheaper. You just need a place to rest your head and place your bags since you will be busy all day seeing the gorgeous people and scenery. There are also inns that offer free breakfast when you stay with them. That’s one meal out of your mind.

Stay out of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo if you want to find a place to eat. Don’t get us wrong, there are dozens of great restaurants there but know that they are unimaginably overpriced. You can scour the streets for buffets that are self-service or juice stands where they serve tasty and healthy sandwiches.

Go to other places apart from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo because there are other parts of Brazil that are as beautiful but not as expensive. You can enjoy Brazil without it costing your liver. There are many other sights to see and if you are the hiking or trekking type of person, this is the time to do what you do best.

Explore. What better way to immerse yourself in the culture than to explore. Go to the streets and walk. See what there is to be seen. Familiarize yourself with the unfamiliar. This way you can have a deeper understanding of Brazil than just bikinis and the Carnival. Plus you have more stories in your pocket to take back to your friends and family.

Don’t be scared of exploring the world just because you’re on a budget. Don’t let that stop you from living your life and going where you want to go. They key is to plan ahead and stick to your plan. Brazil is one of the most beautiful places on earth and many people want to travel just to go to that country. And it’s not just the place that’s beautiful, even the people in Brazil are beautiful.