Travel Resources You Need To Keep Handy When On Vacation

Every person travels for a reason. These reasons could be for relaxation or recreational purposes, sightseeing purposes, to learn something new, to just explore, to visit people you love, and some travel for charity. When it comes to vacationing, you should know what kind or type of traveler you are because it may help you know what resources you will need most. The most common types of travelers are the planner or checklist followers, nature lovers, culture finders, budget travelers and adventure travelers.

There are different things to bring when traveling, depending on your reason. Some travel heavy without remembering to bring the essentials. Some travel light while having all the must-haves with them. The following are the essential resources when traveling:


In today’s generation, technology has a big influence to our everyday lives. Almost everyone has access to gadgets and the internet, which makes their lives easier. These are the following gadgets to keep handy when traveling:

Cellular phones – Communication is very essential when traveling so it is important to always carry or bring your cellular phones with you for emergency purposes. You also have important phone numbers handy, such as the Airline and embassy’s numbers when planning to go to abroad, the hotel front desk number to help you in navigating directions, bank or credit card hotlines for incidents like losing your wallet, car insurance numbers for any kind of car accident and police hotlines for safety. Also, you can use your phone’s GPS for navigation, for taking pictures, for games, etc.

Digital camera – Capturing every moment of your vacation is important. It is like recording your memories. You can also use the photos that you take in making a blog, as a remembrance or a keepsake, and also for sharing it to your family, friends, and relatives. It is easier for you to tell a story with pictures and it will be your evidence that you did something extraordinary during your trip.

Charger – One with a universal adapter and extra power or extra battery. Having extra power for your phone, especially when using your phone as a camera or as a form of documentation. These days, technology provides faster charging for outdoor purposes. When you are out strolling, you can now use a power bank to charge your devices.

Pocket WI-FI – Having internet access is very important for a traveler to know the latest events and news, to communicate overseas, to check important email and to be updated all the time. It will also come in handy if you need to learn something important about the country you are in, to translate foreign words or languages and to just keep in touch with the rest of the world.


For international travelers, the important documents you should carry are: passport, visa, insurance papers and valid IDs. You should also always bring photocopies of all documents to avoid delays.  These photocopies should be placed in your hand carry luggage or bag, or any a place of easy access.

Medical First Aid Kit

For the extreme travelers, adrenaline junkies and adventurers, a first aid kit is essential for treating minor injuries, such as bruises, insect bites, minor cuts, and etc. The kit may include gauzes, bandages, antiseptic agents, ointments, and many more. Emergency medications should also be in the kit, like medications for allergies, pain, etc.

Important Phone Numbers

You should always have access to important phone numbers. The numbers of relatives and emergency numbers, such as hotlines for the police, hospital, etc. should be on speed dial. You should also have hotline numbers of your embassy or consulate and travel insurance representative in case unexpected things happen.