Winter storms are expected to cause hazardous conditions across much of the U.S. this week. Areas in the Midwest and Northeast of the U.S. are expected to have significant shipping delays due to the winter storms. The U.S. Passport Agencies in many of the affected cities may have shortened hours or closures if the storms are significant enough. Fastport Passport is going to work around the clock to help travelers secure their passports and visas in time for their upcoming travel dates. We are bound by the limits of the government processing schedules and shipping provided by FedEx. Please refer to our terms of service and guarantee for further information. Although contingency plans are in place, unavoidable delays should be expected due to local conditions. Fastport Passport will remain open to help troubleshoot and process passport and visa applications with the most efficiency possible. If you have any questions or need support, please use the chat feature on the bottom right of this webpage. Or email us at or call us at 877-910-7277

Blizzard Warnings Issued as Winter Storm Stella Gears Up to Deliver More Than a Foot of Snow to a Widespread Swath of the Northeast

Terms of Service: Applies to all expedited passport orders and additional services.

Delays due to weather, shipping, and Passport Agency closures are not the responsibility of Fastport Passport. We will do everything we can to help mitigate these scenarios, but ultimately Fastport Passport is not responsible for situations outside of our control. Please review the Force majeure clause below.

Fastport Passport LLC  Shipping Policy: Inbound and Outbound

Force majeure clause: Fastport Passport LLC cannot accept any responsibility for delays due to force majeure or ‘acts of God’ or any naturally occurring weather-related disruptions of service, or loss of documents not within our control being delivered by such services as “other” private couriers, FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS delivery services. Fastport Passport LLC may utilize shipping services in order to overnight deliver your documents directly to our couriers for hand-carry delivery to the U.S. Department of State Passport Agency. Additionally, if FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS or other commercial services deliver shipments to our office late, we will make all good faith efforts to keep our normal schedule but Fastport Passport LLC may not be able to submit documents until the following business day which may cause documents to be delayed and may not  be returned in time for the client’s departure. Fastport Passport LLC cannot be responsible for delays for this or any other reason. Shipping changes requested by the client while a passport is in processing may pose as a potential delay on the delivery of your passport. We will attempt to fix any errors made by Fastport Passport LLC on a client’s shipping package as quickly as possible but cannot guarantee the shipping companies immediate resolution. Fastport Passport LLC will only be liable for the service fee we are paid. The service fee that you have paid to Fastport Passport LLC is the total extent of our liability regardless of the reason that your passport/visa could not be issued, or issued in a timely manner.  Fastport Passport LLC is permitted  to submit a limited number of passport applications for same-day service, for example; Fastport Passport LLC can submit applications to the US Department of State in the morning and pick up on the same afternoon.;  Fastport Passport LLC clients requesting and paying for same-day service must pay in advance and such payments are non-refundable.  One of the limited number of same-day passport processing positions will be held for your transaction and therefore cannot be used for another client’s transaction