You need to be very careful when you are applying for immigration in the United States. There should be no room for error on your application since it might jeopardize your goal. You need to be careful all throughout the process. Here as some mistakes that you might commit when applying for immigration, so make sure to avoid these.

Signing Of Forms

This is a very common mistake that people do; they forget to sign the form. In some cases, the form might require three signatures but because you overlook it, you may only provided one signature. You must pay attention to where you sign. There is a part of the form that you don`t need to sign if you didn’t use the service of a translator. You might make that mistake so you have to carefully read where you need to sign. If it means that you have to read it three times or more, and then do it. Your application form will be returned to you once you made a mistake on this and that will cause the delay of your application.

Incorrect Fee Payment

Mode of payment and the right amount of fee should be checked at all times before paying. If you fail to pay the right amount or you used a wrong mode of payment, all these will delay your process. When paying through a bank, make sure that you pay to the right account.

Incorrect Picture Sizes

Check for the right size of picture needed for your application. You must submit the right size, not just any picture. You application will be returned to you if you didn’t comply.

Providing The Required Documents Only

Following the rule on providing the documents that was asked is given, but there is more to it. You will be able to save so much time if you have supporting documents as well. Prepare some supporting documents that are not included on the checklist, something that would support your main documents. Sometimes they will require for supporting documents so it will be nice if you already have it prepared. It`s the same thing for certain countries. If you are from countries like Pakistan, a work experience and educational background questionnaire might be required. For instance, you are from the UAE, a residency questionnaire might be required.

Providing Wrong Information

It is a serious offence to provide wrong information on your application form since all the decision making will be based on the information that you have furnished in your application form. You might be blocked and can no longer have the chance to apply for immigration if you have done this offence. Failing to explain why you were not able to give information about certain questions will also subject you to be disqualified. You must at all times make sure that you have given the right information. Making small mistakes might lead to misjudgement that you are hiding something and it might cost you to lose your chance in getting your immigrant visa.

Filling Up A Form Using Your Hand Writing

It is not advisable that you fill out forms using your handwriting. This might create a problem and delay when an immigration officer finds it difficult to understand your handwriting. Filling up a form online is much better, using Adobe Reader, since the form you fill up online has a barcode that will speed up and accurately gather information that you have provided. Compared to handwritten application forms, it would be much easier for you to update your information as well when done online.

Not Providing A Cover Letter

A cover letter might not be very important but it will still help you speed up your application for immigration. Providing a cover letter explaining your reasons and why you are qualified for an immigration visa is going to help the reviewing officer and this will lead to faster processing of your application.

It`s always necessary to double or triple check your application form and the documents that are needed when you are applying for immigration. Making sure that there is no mistake and all information you provided are true and correct will give you better chances on reaching your goal.