Traveling soon and need a passport but there’s a government shutdown? You may need to act fast in order to get your passport. Often during a government shutdown, some offices like the Passport Agency will continue to run until funds run out. This can vary the timeline for passport processing and availability. If you need your passport fast, you must expedite your passport immediately. Learn more about your options to get your passport during a government shutdown.

Per a recent NY Times article, funding for the U.S. Department of State expired on Friday, possibly causing tremendous delays for travelers that need a passport processed during this shutdown. While visa and passport services are scheduled to continue as long as there are sufficient funds to support operations, travelers that are relying on their passport processing should consider getting their passport as quickly as possible. Additionally, passport agencies located in government buildings may be affected by the shutdown. Currently the Federal Buildings with Passport Agencies are being listed as still open and available.

How can you get a passport fast? Our team of passport expeditors can help you secure your passport as quickly as 24 hours. We work directly with the U.S. Department of State Passport Agencies. Our network of couriers work throughout the country to work with the Passport Agencies across the country. Ultimately, if all passport processing operations are closed, we will also be unable to process your expedited passport application. However, since we have such quick turnaround times for passport processing, you should consider expediting your passport if you have upcoming travel plans.


How fast can I get my passport during a government shutdown?

Routine processing takes 4-6 weeks or longer. However, expediting your passport application can be secured in 2-3 weeks through your post office. During a government shutdown, you may not have a lot of time. Another option is to use our expediting service to get your passport processed as quickly as 24 hours. Our fees are paid separately for this service. Government fees still apply so be prepared to budget for this rush service. We also offer slower service options at additional pricing options. Call us today if you need your passport fast so we can help you get your passport during a government shutdown.

The U.S. Department of State has also issued a statement: