Recently married and your name has changed? Married a long time ago and your name was never updated on your passport? Or did you just have a court decree name change or name change from a divorce decree? Well you will need to make sure your name is accurately reflected on your passport. We show you all the ways to make sure you apply for your passport correctly the first time. Learn how to apply for a passport with a marriage name change.

Passport with a Marriage Name ChangeHow to Apply for a Passport with a Marriage Name Change

Congratulations on your recent marriage and name change. Now it’s time to apply for a new passport or update your old passport with your new name change. Even if you were married a long time ago but only recently changed your name, you can still follow these instructions. When applying for a new passport you can apply using your married name important things to know when changing your name and apply for first time passport is you must have your birth certificate drivers license in your married name and the appropriate application forms and passport photos.

If the drivers license is newly issued the State Department may ask you to supply supplemental identification along with your old drivers license showing your maiden name. When you apply for a new passport and your drivers license is in your maiden name but you did get married you will need to supply the original marriage license your birth certificate the DS 11 passport application and passport photos. Passport renewals require your original marriage license when applying for a name change with your new married name. All original documents will be returned to you with your new passport.

Where can I apply for a passport with a marriage name change?

You can apply for a name change at the post office or county clerk. If you’re traveling within the next two weeks, you can expedite it at a regional passport agency. If none of these options work for you, it’s possible to still get your passport fast. You can contract with a Registered Passport Expediter in order to get your name changed for your new passport or your passport renewal as quickly as 24 hours. Get a passport with a marriage name change as fast as you need it.