How long does it take to get a passport? Well current processing times are longer than usual. The record number of passport applications are some of the highest numbers seen since 2007. Since most passports are valid for 10 years, a lot of those passports are now up for renewal. This also means that on top of all the record numbers of people traveling, the U.S. Passport Agency must also deal with a number of people renewing their passports. The high volume of passport applications and travelers that need their passports fast does put an extra strain on the passport processing at the Regional Passport Agencies. We highly recommend applying for your passport early to ensure that your passport is ready in time for your travel dates. If you are traveling soon and need a passport, get in touch with us today. We can expedite your passport as fast as 24 hours if necessary, but the availability is limited.

What are the current wait times at the Regional Passport Agencies?

The current wait times vary from Passport Agency, but here are the approximate next available appointments at each Regional Passport Agency. Please call ahead if you think you’ll need to make an appointment directly with the Passport Agency. If you are unable to make it to an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency, we can also help you expedite your passport. Our process is done entirely through your local passport acceptance agent (post office or county clerk). For renewals, the process is handled entirely through FedEx overnight shipping. You send us your documents and we can get the passport processed as soon as you need it.

Next Available Passport Appointments Nationwide

Philadelphia Passport Agency: 8/22
Vermont Passport Agency: 8/13
Boston Passport Agency: 8/16
New York City Passport Agency: 8/22
Connecticut Passport Agency: 8/20
Buffalo Passport Agency: 8/13
New Hampshire Passport Agency: 8/12
Washington Passport Agency: 8/22
Miami Passport Agency: 8/14
Atlanta Passport Agency: 8/13
New Orleans Passport Agency: 8/13
Arkansas Passport Agency: 8/13
Houston Passport Agency: 8/19
Dallas Passport Agency: 8/14
El Paso Passport Agency: 8/13
San Juan Passport Agency: 8/13
Seattle Passport Agency: 8/13
San Francisco Passport Agency: 8/14
Denver Passport Agency: 8/13
Los Angeles Passport Agency: 8/20
San Diego Passport Agency: 8/13
Honolulu Passport Agency: 8/12
Chicago Passport Agency: 8/16
Detroit Passport Agency: 8/15
Minneapolis Passport Agency: 8/13