The second duplicate passport is commonly needed for frequent travelers. Some visas require weeks for processing. If you need to send your passport off to get a visa, but you also need your passport to travel, you will need a second duplicate passport. If you are traveling to nations that are in conflict with one another, you may also want a second duplicate passport. Often, American travelers throughout the Middle East may find that conflicting nations with passport stamps in their passport may cause them to be denied entry. This is another benefit of having a second duplicate passport.

Previously the Second Duplicate Passport was only valid for two years. However, now the U.S. Department of State Passport Agency will extend the validity to four (4) years for all new applicants seeking a second duplicate passport. Frequent travelers will now have great flexibility when using their second duplicate passport.

Routine processing times for a second duplicate passport range from 4-6 weeks or longer. Most applicants that need a second duplicate passport need it quickly, so relying on the post office for processing won’t work. We highly recommend utilizing our expediting services if you have upcoming travel plans and need a passport fast. Our processing times are very quick and we can secure your second duplicate passport in as little as 24 hours. Remember, you will have to send in your current passport in order to apply for a second duplicate. That means you’ll be without your passport while you wait for the duplicate to be processed. Expediting your passport will reduce this wait time.

The second duplicate passport is considered a separate passport and you will need to send in new passport photos for this passport. You will also have a different passport number so pay attention when using both passports. The second duplicate passport is less common than one may realize, so make sure you use a trusted professional service if you need to expedite. We have over 13 years of professional passport expediting experience. If you need a passport fast, we can help!