Passport Suspensions

The most common reason why a Passport application can be denied involves applicants not submitting the required materials (i.e. official copy of a birth certificate, unacceptable passport photos, and insufficient identification submitted). Fastport Passport’s instructions are so detailed that applicants using our services and follow our instructions exactly will not have an application denied for submitting incorrect materials.

During the Passport application process, applicants’ backgrounds are screened. The following are the most common reasons that the Passport Agency will deny or suspend an application.

  • Plane Ticket or Flight Confirmation

    You can submit a copy of your flight itinerary, plane ticket, plane e-ticket, or any other flight confirmation.

  • For Driving Plans (Mexico and Canada)

    You can write a brief statement to the U.S. Department of State Philadelphia Passport Office. Please use the format below:



    To whom it may concern,

    (YOUR NAME) will be traveling to (COUNTRY YOU ARE VISITING) on the (DATE OF TRAVEL). I will be crossing the (BORDER) by (MEANS OF TRAVEL). The reason for this trip is (REASON FOR TRAVEL). I’d like to request to expedite my passport application in time for this trip. If you have any questions, please call me at (PHONE NUMBER).