The best theme parks in America

If there’s one thing that they know how to do right in the US, it’s entertainment. America’s Theme parks, in particular, are some of the best in the world and fun for all of the family! If you’ve already bought your ESTA and you’re planning to fly out, why not visit some of America’s best theme parks while you’re there? Ride the rides, see the shows and interact with some of your favorite characters at these amazing theme parks.

shutterstock_317059550 (1)Cedar Point

If you’re looking for the best roller coasters in the US then Cedar Point is the place you should try first.  Cedar Point has a total of 71 rides and 18 roller coasters and one of its newest rollercoasters, Valravn, drops you 223ft at 75mph!

This waterpark in Ohio has entertainment for all of the family – from the tots to the parents. They have an app that you can use while you’re there to find out the estimated wait for the rides, which really comes in handy for roller coaster fiends who want to ride them all. Rather than wandering around the park for the shortest line and wasting precious daylight, you just have to look up the rides on the phone.


If you want award winning shows and entertainment, then visit Dollywood! This theme park cannot be praised any more highly than it is. It’s got a little bit of everything for everyone. There’s thrill rides, shows, arts and crafts, rides for the kids and great food. The prices are also what keep families coming back as food and souvenirs cost a fair amount less than they do at many of the other parks around the US and special passes allow you all sorts of benefits, including free parking and 20% off food and souvenirs. There’s also the amazing Dolly Express, which is the only full sized coal-fired steam train at any theme park in the US! It’s great fun for all the family and well worth the trip!

Best Attractions in America Universal Studios

There are two great Universal Studios parks in Orlando that are both great, but for different reasons. Universal Studios is more geared towards adults and movie fans, so there are lots of rides and attractions based around the moves and TV shows made by Universal Studios. They also have regular shows featuring some of the best characters, including a show starring the Blues Brothers. As for Universal Studios’ other theme park, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, here you’ll find entertainment geared more towards kids. While you can still see all of your favorite characters, this is the park where you can find the thrill rides and more child-friendly themes.

One great thing about both of these parks is that they’re connected and you can buy tickets that give you access to both parks. Both of the parks are also linked by the Hogwarts Express which takes you to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is endless fun for Harry Potter fans. You can see the sets, taste the food, and even shop around Diagon Alley! It’s great fun for kids, adults and serious movie buffs.