How to Handle Flying When You’re Terrified: Fear of Flying Tips

Flying is the fastest mode of transportation, but not everybody likes it. In the United States, ten percent of travelers have a fear of flying. Some people don’t have a choice but to overcome their fear. Air travel is often essential for many people and they need to travel for different reasons, especially in the United States. Fear of flying is also acquired from many other different reasons, like fear of heights or claustrophobia. What are the things that you must or must not do to overcome your fear of flying? We will help with our fear of flying tips.

Accept The Fact That You Have A Fear Of Flying

Accept the fact that you are terrified of flying. You should tell the person you are flying with or the stewardess that you have this fear. Telling it to someone will help you relax, knowing that you have nothing to hide. The people around you will help check on you, especially when there is turbulence or when you show signs of fear. Additionally, the flight crew may have some tips and tricks to cope with the common fear of flying.

Focus Your Mind To Other Things

It would be helpful if you keep your mind occupied. Thinking worst-case scenario will not help you calm down; it will just make things worse. You can watch a movie even though you don’t like it or even though you have already seen it a dozen times. Anything you can do to distract yourself will help. You also can read a magazine or a book. Listening to calming music or solving a crossword can help too. When you feel turbulence, just think that you are on a bumpy road and take deep breaths. Remember: the pilots know what they are doing.

Avoid Caffeine Before And During The Flight

Drinking coffee or anything that has caffeine in it should be avoided before and during the flight. Caffeine will increase your anxiety. You will feel more stress when you drink caffeinated drinks. Instead, you should drink water or any fluid that will rehydrate you. Some people drink wine to calm their nerves, but don’t overdo it. It’s easy to become intoxicated at 35,000 feet.

Sit Near The Front of The Plane

When booking a ticket or upon check-in, choose a seat that is close to the front. The turbulence will feel more dramatic at the back than in front. The flight crew will also be able to check on you often when you are closer to their station. Sitting in front is also quieter as you will be behind the engines on the wings.

Before The Flight

Skip the news and any movies about disasters or planes. You will just rewind all those scenarios on your mind and make your fear worse. Try to relax before your flight and get good rest. It will help you remain calm if you are fresh when you board the plane.

Pain Makes Reality Go Away

Many savvy travelers the rubber band trick. It works to shift your focus off any negative thoughts. When you start thinking too much, and you feel the anxiety increase, just snap the rubber band on your wrist. When you feel the pain, your mind will snap out of your thoughts. It will interrupt your bad imagination and hopefully trigger new thoughts. Happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts. Remember you are more likely to be injured on the way to the airport than actually flying to your destination!