Summer is almost here and it feels like everyone deserves a holiday right now. However, not everybody has the budget for a lavish holiday. No matter, though – there are a lot of great places around Europe where you can find sun, surf, and savings! If you’re looking for a holiday on a budget then try some of these destinations, and don’t forget to apply for your EHIC card renewal before you go.

Travel Europe on a BudgetSorrento, Italy

This sunny coastal town can get pretty busy in the summer, but when it comes to cost it’s one of the best holiday destinations in Europe. There are lots of ways for you to entertain yourself for free and the food is pretty reasonably priced, too – as well as being delicious. Summer here is scorching, so either pack your shorts or wait until September to catch the cooler end of summer. Hang out at the beach, explore the lemon groves and wander around this charming little town for a beautiful, reasonably priced piece of Italy.

Algarve, Portugal

This beautiful region is famous for its stunning Mediterranean beaches and fishing villages. If you love the outdoors and natural scenery then you won’t be short on things to see. The cliffs and islands are a picture and the western side is beautifully natural and fit for exploration. Around the villages, there are also lots of discos, bars, and clubs as well as things to keep you entertained in the daytime. While it can be a little tourist-centric on the eastern side, prices stay pretty low and get lower the further you stray from the resorts.

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

While this resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast is a little underdeveloped, it has its charms and certainly gives holiday goers good value for their money. The restaurants around the area have fresh fish for fair prices and the beach looks beautiful in the sunshine. If you bring the kids along, there is also a paintball park, go-kart track and theme park further inland and further south you can find the archaeological museum. It’s good value and great fun.

Paphos, Cyprus

This city on the southwest coast of Cyprus has some fascinating history to it that you can explore as well as a lot of legends and mythology relating to it. There are tombs, ruins and fortresses to explore and the castles and churches dotted around to make it a romantic place to wander around. The restaurants and bars are typically well priced and the food is pretty great, too. There is also a wide range of hotels to choose from so you can holiday for any kind of budget in this great location. There’s so m7uch to see and do and it will barely cost you a thing.

Costa del Sol, Spain

The Costa del Sol has become a paradise for young people around the summer time, so if you’re looking for a slightly quieter holiday then you might want to leave it until autumn to visit. It will still be warm in September and the bars and restaurants will be a little less packed, which means that you get more space to enjoy the sunshine. The prices are pretty great, too, and outside of tourist season, the beach is amazing. So, if you want to try a Spanish holiday on a budget then visit the Costa del Sol.