One of the most important things to think about when you travel is where you would stay. Of course you need a place to keep your things and to sleep at night, or day if you’re up all night. You don’t always need to spend thousands just for a hotel room. There are a few life hacks that we can share with you to save you your dollars.

Book Early

Know when you want to have your trip and search for accommodations online. Booking months in advance can save you hundreds of dollars. Booking a place can get expensive as your set date comes nearer. There are several apps and sites that can help you in your search for cheap accommodations.


Choose to book your trip in the off-season. This means that there are lesser tourists present therefore hotels and the like drop their prices to keep their business running. Many apartelles or hotels have different prices for different times of the year so you can choose to travel when the prices are on their all-time low.


Yes. You know that show that makes you believe that you can spend just 50 cents on 2 full trolleys of grocery items? That is what this is about. Grab those magazines and newspapers because you are going to cut out those coupons. You can also get coupons through the internet. There are times that airlines and hotels tie-up and you can get free accommodations by booking a flight or have your accommodations at 50% off.

Ask A Local

There are places where the locals offer their homes out to tourists in exchange for a small fee. You can rent out a room in their house for a few bucks. This helps them make a living and you’ll have a cheap place to stay in. The plus side to this is that you are in a very homey place and most of the time these homes offer free breakfast when you stay. The homeowners can even be the best people to advice you on where the best places to go are in town.

Work Work Work

If you plan to stay for maybe a few weeks but can’t afford to stay in a hotel for that long, you can look for a part time job. You can maybe tend the yards or clean cars or be a cashier at a local grocer during the day. This will help you earn some cash for your accommodations. If you have some set of skills or a great set of work experience you will have no problem finding a part time job. There are inns that will give you board and lodging in exchange of a few hours of work. There are many travelers who do this, especially those who travel from one place to the other.


You can offer a review for a place to stay. If you have a big following you can easily find an affordable place. Many boutique hotels and local accommodations are willing to let you stay in a room for you to experience their hospitality first hand and for you to write them a great review. These reviews are important, especially in this age of the internet where most people are on their smartphones 24/7. This will stand as free advertisement for their establishment where people can see how good they are and more likely book them and boost their sales.

Promo Codes

There are many apps that assist you in booking your accommodations. Most often hotels have promos for off-seasons or when a rival establishment has cheaper offers. Promo codes are made for you to type in the app to avail discounts. This is like the cyber counterpart of a coupon.

There are many life hacks for finding an affordable accommodation for your travels. All you have to do is to be vigilant and plan ahead. If it doesn’t bother you to stay in a very basic room or to share a room with a local family then finding cheap accommodations will be no problem. Happy travels!