How to Complete the DS-5525 Passport Form

The DS-5525 Passport Form is required for a minor passport if a parent or guardian is not available to give consent at the passport acceptance facility. You can submit Form DS-5525 Statement of Special Family Circumstances Passport Form if you are the applying parent and you want to explain why the non-applying parent/guardian’s consent could not be obtained. It is specifically for special circumstances.

A child minor passport is for any passport applicant 15 or younger. The special circumstances may vary from case to case, but the DS-5525 is used for most situations. If a parent or guardian is currently incarcerated, living overseas, or simply just not a part of your life- this is the form you need.

The Form DS-5525 Statement of Special Family Circumstances Passport Form is NOT a guarantee so please approach this form as a special request. Each situation is reviewed individually. This page will explain how to complete the your child passport forms.

What to Include on the DS-5525

The statement will explain in detail the situation regarding the non-applying parent or guardian and why they are unavailable. The DS-5525 passport form will also need to state the efforts made to contact the non-applying parent or guardian. Please give thorough evidence, court information, letters from a lawyer, and anything you can provide. The DS-5525 passport form is not a guarantee, so the more information you have, the better!

child passport ds-3053 passport formEvidence should be given, which may include custody orders, incarceration orders, or a restraining order. These documents will help for the Form DS-5525: Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances to be approved.

You can also complete the Statement of Special Family Circumstances Passport Form on the US State Dept website.

What is the DS-3053 Passport Form?

The DS-3053 Passport Form is the other common form used for child passport applicants. The DS-3053 is also called the Statement of Consent for Issuing a Passport to a Child. Complete this form if one parent or guardian cannot go with the child to apply in person for the child’s passport. The parent or guardian should submit this special form in addition to their child’s application (DS-11). Learn more about the DS-3053 Passport Form here.

How to Complete the DS-5525 Passport Form

1. Minor’s Name (Last, First, Middle)
2. Minor’s Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
3. Non-Applying Parent/Guardian’s Name (Last, First, Middle)
4. Other Names of Non-Applying Parent/Guardian Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian: Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
5. Non-Applying Parent/Guardian’s Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) First Middle Last If yes, please provide any documentation with this form, such as a letter from the convicting criminal court, a copy of the incarceration court order, or a copy of the on-line inmate locator page.
6. Non-Applying Parent/Guardian’s Last Known Contact Information City ZIP Code State Apartment Street
7. Has any court either in the United States or abroad ever issued an order/decree that references the custody or travel of the minor child in question? (Examples include a divorce decree, custody order, protection order, stay away order, restraining order, etc.) No Yes If yes, you must provide a complete, signed, and dated copy of the order(s)/decree(s) with this form. Telephone Number: ( ) E-mail Address:
8. Is the non-applying parent/guardian currently incarcerated? (consent from the incarcerated parent/guardian may be required) Yes No
9. Please explain in detail the reason for your request to issue a U.S. passport book and/or card without the non-applying parent/guardian’s consent. If you cannot locate the non-applying parent/guardian, please describe the number of attempts made to contact him or her, exact or approximate dates, the types of attempts (i.e., by letter, phone, e-mail, or in-person), and the outcome of each attempt. Please include the non-applying parent/guardian’s last known address, telephone number(s), and place of employment.
10. Have you attempted to contact the non-applying parent/guardian through any third party? If yes, please list the name of the person contacted, the relationship of the person contacted to the non-applying parent/guardian, the dates of the attempts to contact, and the address and/or telephone number of the contact.
U.S. Department of State Country
OATH: I declare under penalty of perjury that all statements made in this supporting document are true and correct. STATEMENT OF EXIGENT/SPECIAL FAMILY CIRCUMSTANCES FOR ISSUANCE OF A U.S. PASSPORT TO A MINOR UNDER AGE 16