Why You Should Travel Alone

“Travel far enough to meet yourself”

Traveling alone is exhilarating. The fear of the unknown juxtaposed with the rush we get when we figure out our way or meet a new friend is irreplaceable. Regardless if you’re an introvert or extrovert, a lot can be learned and appreciated from traveling alone. As a comfort blanket, we often travel with a group of friends, or an acquaintance to avoid being alone. However, we also believe there are many benefits to why you should travel alone.

For some reason as humans we fear being alone, but when will we begin to realize that in a world of 7+ billion people- we are NEVER alone! The experience of traveling alone will quickly prove to you how many other travelers are also exploring the world solo. You will soon find that you are not so alone in your own solo travels.

You Are Never Really Alone

As a solo traveler you will find that whether you are admiring the outside of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or indulging in an espresso in a coffeeshop in the back streets of Berlin that you there are at least 5 other people doing the same thing. (Even if one of those 5 is the barista).

When you order a coffee, or ask someone to take your photo they’ll notice your accent (or the fact that you don’t speak their native language) and immediately want to know where you came from. This sparks conversation and there, once again you’re not alone.

There are activities in every city that attract people. Live music, historical tours, UNESCO sites, and so many more that are a given that you won’t be alone.

When in doubt: Be a tourist.

You Don’t Have to Accommodate Others (You Can Be Selfish)

One friend wants to left, another ones to go right, and you want to go forward, but the map says to turn around.

These problems are all eliminated when you travel alone. You don’t have to compromise or accommodate. Traveling is selfish! It’s about you! You should be selfish when you travel and if you want to turn left- turn left dammit!

“Can we find a public toilet?”

If you have been to Europe, you’ll know how nearly impossible this is to do. Nothing is worse than not being able to enjoy your journey because you are constantly searching for a toilet for your friend or listening to them complain that they won’t make it. Solo travel will allow you to wander the city on your own terms, and your own schedule for bathroom breaks.

No Judgements

If you want Gelato for the 3rd time that day there is no one to judge you!

Everyone has a Different Budget

Money is a touchy subject for most, and while traveling, this isn’t necessarily a conversation you want to have. If seeing and experiencing the London Eye is important to you then you don’t have to justify that expense to anyone! For some indulging on this type of tourist attraction is a must. For others they would never even consider spending 30 pounds on that! You don’t need someone dictating what you see on YOUR trip!

Solo Travel Forces You to be Friendly, Confident, and Alert

Traveling alone makes you alert. You can’t sleep on the train without setting an alarm or your trip to Prague will end up with you in Budapest! Although being careless is fun, this is the best way to learn your surroundings and consciously remember the trip and all its details.

With minimal human interactions, you’ll find that you are very friendly to the people you do interact with. This openness and confidence is very attractive to new people. You’ll find you aren’t alone anymore! So grab your passport and enjoy the benefits of Why You Should Travel Alone!